Bureau of Energy Efficiency

The Objectives of Standards & Labeling Program is to provide the consumer an informed choice about the energy saving and thereby the cost saving potential of the marketed household and other equipment. This is expected to impact the energy savings in the medium and long run while at the same time it will position domestic industry to compete in such markets where norms for energy efficiency are mandatory.

The scheme was launched by the Hon'ble Minister of Power in May,2006 and is currently invoked for equipments/appliances Room Air Conditioner (Fixed Speed), Ceiling Fan, Colour Television, Computer, Direct Cool Refrigerator, Distribution Transformer, Domestic Gas Stove, Frost Free Refrigerator, General Purpose Industrial Motor, Monoset Pump, Openwell Submersible Pump Set, Stationary Type Water Heater, Submersible Pump Set, Tfl, Washing Machine, Ballast, Solid State Inverter, Office Automation Products, Diesel Engine Driven Monosetpumps For Agricultural Purposes, Diesel Generator Set, Led Lamps, Room Air Conditioner (Variable Speed), Chillers, Agricultural Pumpset.

Manufacturers of equipment, importers and traders can participate in the standards and labelling scheme by registering with the BEE for regulated products which require mandatory registration and unregulated products for which registration is voluntary.

We offer product registration services for select regulated products under the standards and labelling scheme. Labelling occurs in accordance with Indian Standards (IS) and International Electro technical Commission (IEC) standards. Partnering with us means short lead times and benefitting from our established working relations with local authorities.

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